Just for Men

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Color & Highlighting

Includes stress relieving treatment, shampoo, condition, & trend style

Master Stylist • PRICE QUOTE
Men • $29.00-$35.00
Style/Blow Dry Short • $20.00-$30.00
Style/Blow Dry Medium • $22.00-$30.00
Style/Blow Dry Long • $34.00-$60.00
Full Perm & Cut or Design Wraps• $75.00-$150.00

Precision Cut & Style

Includes stress relieving treatment, shampoo & condition trend style

Permanent Hair Color & Cut • Start at $65.00-$115.00
Frosted Highlights & Cut • Start at $85.00-$115.00
Eyebrow Color • $10.00-$12.00
Color and Highlighting for Men

Mens' Exclusives

Masculine Minute-Just for Men

Masculine Minute-Just for Men

For the man on the run, but needing a re-charge. Come and experience the spa with a Bamboo zone massage that concentrates on tension areas. Refresh with an express facial and a Swedish massage with your choice of skin care to enhance, tone, purify and to recharge the skin. Recommended for relaxation and for dry, sun damaged, and aging skin. Includes extractions.
80 minutes • $85.00
Conclude this service with Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi • $20.00

Men's G.Q.Pedicure"Everything Macho"

Your feet are immersed in a warm jacuzzi bath "ooh soothing", no toe painting ... just nail grooming, massage, salt or mask application
50 minutes • $48.00
Includes refreshing Snack bar and beverage

Facials • Skin Therapy

AVEDA or Damologica Pure Focus ... Discover Your Skin’s Potential

Focus is on specific skin care for Corrective Techniques which address sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation, aggressively.
• $55.00

AVEDA or Dermologica Botanical Skin resurfacing Facial Treatment

Reduce the appearance of fine lines, diminish pore size and increase radiance. Less irritation than Salon Microdermabrasion. Includes your Dermalogical skin care regiment take home. Includes extractions
• $65.00

AVEDA or Dermologica Relaxation Aromatherapy Facial

Aromatherapy Facial massage consists of stress relieving massage on a warm bed, moist steam applied and treatments to enhance, tone and purify your skin. Conclude with an application of Solar Defense SPF Face Block protector.
• $65.00
with extractions • $75.00

AVEDA or Dermologica Acne Facial Treatment

Diminish pore size aggressively with medical grade skin care for acne. This will correct and recover blemished or troubled skin. Extractions included.
• $65.00

SPF is your fountain of youth. We recommend adding our whirlpool bath in our private room to conclude your skin treatment Additional $20.00

Therapeutic Body Massage and Spa Services

30 minute Body Massage • $45.00
60 minute Body Massage • $65.00
60 minute Deep Tissue Body Massage • $90.00
60 minute Hot Bamboo Body Massage • $75.00
90 minute Body Massage or Hot Stone Body Massage • $99.00
Our Ultimate 90 minute Body Massage with application of Gx99 • $110.00

Seated Chair Massage

Someone new to massage or on the go, this specially designed chair allows you to remain fully dressed. Upper Body, including neck , back, shoulders, and arms.
15 minute massage • $20.00

Steamy Wonder

Use this service in addition to massage, facials or salt glows. Enhancing the body with steam and essential oil. This has very detoxifying benefits inside and out.
30 minute herbal steam • $40.00
Conclude this service with Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi • $20.00


Hydro Therapy Whirlpool

Hydro Therapy Whirlpool is the state-of-the-art bath recommended before or after massage. This is designed for deep muscle and tissue treatment. This whirlpool is recommended for fatigue, relaxation, and tension due to injury, arthritis, fibromyalgia and many other conditions. Our private rooms provide personal bath, spa, hair care, and cosmetic products for your use.
30 minutes (private room bookings) • $40.00
Book with massage or spa treatment • $20.00

Salt Glow

This service is a customized full body, assay followed by applying essential oils coupled with detoxifying mineral salts. The salts are then applied by relaxing esalen massage techniques to purify and exfoliate the skin. Remember your follow up body and skin care! Conclude this service with the Hydro whirlpool bath. This is what pampering is all about.
50 minute Massage followed by Jacuzzi (Total 90 minutes) • $90.00

Ion Cleanse

A Detox that works.

Click here for details • $40.00

Waxing Services

Nose• $13.00
Eyebrow• $13.00
Lip or Chin• $13.00
Eyebrow Lip • $22.00
Sides of Face• $20.00-$30.00
Bikini Area• $45.00
Under Arms• $30.00
Ear• $30.00
Full Legs• $93.00
Back• $75.00/quote
Brazilian Wax• $85.00
Maintenance Brazilian Wax• $45.00 (between 3 & 5 weeks)
Chest• $60.00
Waxing Services for Men

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