Tuesday 12 September 2017
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Double Cleansing is cleansing the skin twice, first with an oil-based cleanser, then with a water- or surfactant-based cleanser. The Dermalogica Double Cleanse - aka the secret to healthy, ultra-clean skin - easily removes layers of built-up make-up, products and oily debris, allowing your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanse to penetrate even further, for a professional level of clean.

Tuesday 29 August 2017
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Did you know that there are approximately muscles 43 in your face? No wonder you can wake up feeling tense! If you frequently experience a tight jaw or a kink in your neck in the a.m., facial yoga may be for you, says Helga Hefner, Aveda Manager of Professional Skin and Spa Education.

Tuesday 22 August 2017
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Want to know where you came from? Look no further than your looks! Your genetics are responsible for the color of your hair, the size of your eyes… even the skin conditions you struggle with.

Tuesday 15 August 2017
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While the 80s will continue to dominate hair trends—see: undercuts, slicked-back looks, and scrunching (yes, scrunching)—there’s a whole lot more going on this summer as well.

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The skin and the brain have a deep relationship. In fact, the two organs communicate all day long through the central nervous system, which routes their signals back and forth. These “conversations” not only keep us out of harm’s way, for example, by relaying pain when we touch a scalding object: they can give away our emotions, by communicating redness when we are embarrassed.

Wednesday 2 August 2017
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Whether you’re a bridesmaid, guest, or the star of the show, you’ll need to kick your hair up a notch for wedding season. But just because your locks aren’t past shoulder-length, doesn’t mean you can’t still sport an intricate style. We collaborated with PETA to bring you these simple, stylish looks that can be created using cruelty-free Aveda products:

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Every aroma tells a story, and our new Pure-Fume™ Hair Mists—which also soften your strands with nourishing oils—tell tales from three different corners of the globe.“ The aromas in the mists bring to life the very distinct spirits and aromas of the places they represent,” says Kate Rosso, Associate of Aveda Pure-Fume™ Aroma.

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Why should your hair and nails get all the love? The case for professional skin care is a compelling one.

Wednesday 28 June 2017
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When the temperatures soar, it can be hard to keep your cool about your hair. Those with curly tresses are apt to experience frizz thanks to the spike in humidity, while people with straight hair may find their hair falling even flatter. Everyone’s scalp will get oilier and greasier—and ends are sure to fray no matter your tress type. How to handle all of these strand saboteurs? Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Cutting, offers you pointers for summer-proofing your strands:

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Heard the phrase “less is more”? It really applies to those with sensitive or sensitized skin. Follow these skin care dos and don’ts to help cut down on redness, reactivity, and flare-ups.