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Not quite finished with your holiday shopping? That’s totally OK — in fact, we’re excited about it. If you’ve got some last-minute shopping to do and aren’t quite sure what to get some of your friends and family this year, we’d love to help you pick the perfect presents.


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Overeating and drinking during the holidays can take a toll on your waistline, but have you ever stopped to think about how all those festive cocktails, addictive appetizers, decadent desserts and other guilty pleasures might affect your skin?


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There’s much more that goes into creating an Aveda aroma than you might think. Because we use plant-derived ingredients, our perfumers have a much narrower palette to work with than conventional perfumers. At Aveda we have about 200 plant-derived aroma ingredients while a conventional perfumer has about 3,000 possibilities. We strive for functionality as well as beautiful aromas. This means that the aromas must complement the benefits of our products. For example, the aroma in our Stress-Fix™ collection has been proven to reduce the feelings of stress. “Aromas should stimulate emotions connecting with each user on a deeper level,” says Guy.

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The holiday season is a whirlwind of activities, from parties to volunteer work to days spent baking your favorite treats. For many of us, the holidays also mean hours spent traveling to visit family and friends … which usually means buying a handful of Stress-Fix Concentrate rollerballs at the airport or before a road trip to Grandma’s. (It happens to the best of us.)

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You know those nights when you’re just too exhausted to remove a full face of make-up? Seems to be the perfect time to just rub a make-up remover wipe across your face! Although these cleansing wipes can remove some of your make-up, they’re not removing as much as you think.

Tuesday 7 November 2017
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Over the years guests have come to know and love Aveda’s signature paper that wraps the holiday gift sets. This beautiful Certified Wildlife Friendly® paper is hand-crafted by the people of Nepal as part of Aveda’s now 10 year1 partnership with the Himalayan Bio-Trade (HBTL) papermaking cooperative. The purchase of this paper has created income for thousands of full and part time makers since 2007.2

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These days, it seems there’s nothing we can’t do with the click of a button—whether it’s cooking dinner, getting a car to show up at our door and bring us to the airport, or booking a cleaning service. While patience may be virtuous, there are plenty of virtuous ways to score instant gratification, as well.

Tuesday 24 October 2017
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Never mind scissors. When you want to change up the look of your hair, nothing gets the job done faster than playing with its texture. Our new Texture Tonic can easily transform your tresses from smooth to wavy—sans crunchy residue, thanks to a sugar-and-salt combo that doesn’t form a dull, mattifying film on hair like traditional beach sprays.

Wednesday 18 October 2017
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The most frightening thing this Halloween could be what your make-up does to your skin, if you don't prep and remove your make-up properly. Unlike regular make-up, Halloween make-up (also stage make-up or costume make-up) is heavy in texture and pigment – and designed to adhere to your face for a masque-like effect.

Tuesday 10 October 2017
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Nature has an ingenious way of balancing colors so that nothing bold ever appears outlandish or garish. Case in point: The plumage of a bird. Inspired by the beauty and color of exotic birds, our new Limited Edition Autumn/Winter 2017 Makeup Collection: Birds of Paradise, is an interplay of bright and subtle hues reminiscent of the plumage of a bird, which looks as gorgeous on skin of any tone as it does in the wild.