Tuesday 8 August 2017

Matters of the flesh - Your skin has a lot to say. Are you listening?

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Matters of the flesh - Your skin has a lot to say. Are you listening?

Matters of the flesh

Your skin has a lot to say. Are you listening?

The skin and the brain have a deep relationship. In fact, the two organs communicate all day long through the central nervous system, which routes their signals back and forth. These “conversations” not only keep us out of harm’s way, for example, by relaying pain when we touch a scalding object: they can give away our emotions, by communicating redness when we are embarrassed.

But did you know that your skin can also “talk” directly to you – without your brain?

Scientists are now discovering that the skin can function independently, experiencing stress and even telling time on its own. As one of our few visible organs, the skin may be able to warn us about high stress, hormonal changes, allergies and damaging lifestyle choices by displaying signals such as redness, breakouts, fine lines or changes in color.

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to lose sight of our skin’s signals and what they might mean for our health. Often, skin issues are treated as temporary, isolated events instead of considered in the context of our bodies as a whole. This leaves the door open for skin concerns to persist, affecting our overall quality of life.

Dermalogica skin therapists are highly-trained in the language of skin. They can read it. Interpret it and respond to it. By conducting a zone-by-zone Dermalogica Face Mapping skin analysis, your skin therapist can uncover the root causes of your skin concerns and pinpoint the skin care products, professional treatments and lifestyle habits that will help you achieve your healthiest skin

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