Thursday 11 June 2015

Living Aveda - Flower Power

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Living Aveda - Flower Power

We know that honey bees corner the market on engineering the sweet, sticky stuff, but these busy creatures are doing much more. One out of every three bites of food we eat every day, not to mention all of the planet’s herbs, nuts, flowers and plants that keep us healthy, is thanks to the honey bee and its ingenious pollination process.

But due to pesticides, parasites, habitat loss and other complex issues, our bee populations are drastically and dramatically declining. At Aveda, we’ve told you about this alarming phenomenon in the past and will continue to do what we can to help make a change and show you ways you can help!

Aveda Creative Director Antoinette Beenders shot our Spring 2015 Collection Rare Bloom on a prairie, as much for its natural beauty as to raise awareness that native tallgrass prairie, a primary haven for pollinators, is now an endangered habitat, with only 4% of original prairies remaining in North America.

While we’ve worked to help fund several habitat restoration projects, we are also restoring part of the 58 acres of Certified Wildlife Habitat® housing Aveda’s headquarters to native tallgrass prairie so we can provide friendly flowers for wild bees and our own honey bee colonies.

Join Us in the Cause
This spring and summer, we’re hoping you’ll help us with our pollinator-preserving crusade.

This weekend marks the kickoff of our Bring Back the Pollinators Campaign in partnership with The Xerces Society from now until August 31st. During this period, visit an Aveda Experience Center  to sign the Pollinators Protection Pledge on The Xerces Society website and you will receive a packet* of organic sunflowers for committing to be part of the change.

By signing the pledge, you are saying you will:

  1. Grow a variety of bee-friendly flowers that bloom from spring through fall.
  2. Protect and provide bee nests and caterpillar host plants.
  3. Avoid using pesticides, especially insecticides.
  4. Talk to your neighbors about the importance of pollinators and their habitat.

Our goal is for everyone who receives a packet of the organic sunflowers, to go home and plant them to help save the pollinators. As a part of the campaign kickoff, many Experience Centers will be partnering with local beekeepers for informational events to bring further awareness to the issue.

And, throughout the summer, you can expect a variety of pollinator-themed in-store events to take place so definitely keep in touch with your local Experience Center for event dates and details.

Find your local Aveda Experience Center on our Locator here.

For further inspiration, be sure to check out The Rare Bloom Lookbook to see our gorgeous pollinator-inspired collection, shot on a Minnesota prairie and see the limited-edition Rare Bloom makeup collection that features a variety of beautiful fresh spring colors.