Wednesday 21 January 2015

Learn the ABCDE's of skin changes

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Our skin is a living, breathing organ that undergoes many changes in the course of a lifetime. Besides the signs of aging that concern many of us, lesions or moles appear and may change over time. In addition to freckles, we may have around 10 to 40 moles by adulthood. Skin cancer has been on the rise and like so many health concerns, early detection is the key. We know that one key factor in developing skin cancer is unprotected sun exposure over a lifetime, including tanning beds.  The UV radiation in natural sunlight and tanning beds leads to the breakdown of elastin and collagen in our skin and causes premature aging. It is important to note that skin cancer may show up in unexpected places i.e.. soles of feet or inside thighs. Regular and generous application of broad spectrum sun screen will help protect your skin and delay the signs of aging. Many skin care and cosmetic products have sun screen built in, Dermalogica offers many choices in all of their lines from age management to sensitive or sensitized skin. I'd be glad to advise you on which products may work best for you. Please be sure to see a physician or dermatologist if you notice any changes in your skin, a through skin check should be part of your annual exam.

Here are the ABCDE's of skin changes and early detection

A - Asymmetry: the two sides of the lesion are not identical

B - Border: the border is irregular on these lesions

C - Color: melanomas are usually dark and have more than once color or colors that fade into one


D- Diameter: the lesion in a melanoma is usually at least the size of a pencil eraser

E - Evolving: melanoma as a lesion often changes appearance.

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