Wednesday 24 June 2015

Great Length Extensions – Style elevated! Live it. Love it.

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Great Length Extensions – Style elevated! Live it. Love it.

Great Lengths created the first safe, long lasting hair extension application method. Twenty years ago we introduced the method of bonding between Great Lengths extension strands and the client’s hair. Since then we have made steps forward but the only thing that hasn’t changed is our acclaimed and renown professionalism. Our wide range of hair extensions offers many possibilities.

Great Lengths hair extensions has over 55 hair colors to choose from which can be blended to create the perfect effect for you. We also offer a range of textured hair extensions to suit all hair types; from European to Afro Caribbean hair. Whether you’re after natural, soft or deep wave, our hair extension can be permed to order.

Great Lengths supreme quality offers:

  • Thick and long hair  
  • Intense and long lasting colors
  • Quality extensions with healthy human hair
  • Invisible and comfortable bonds
  • Safe and long lasting bonding with our innovative techniques  
  • Extensions do not have to be removed for hair cutting
  • Removal is only necessary for major coloring services. Removal and reinstallation can be done at the same service

Can extensions be virtually undetectable? Yes they can. Great Lengths high quality extensions and invisible bonding are virtually undetectable to the touch. Our qualified stylists will transform your hair with marvelous real hair extensions and allow you to have long, thick and healthy hair.

Long hair has always been considered a sign of sensuality, vitality and beauty. With our extensions the people close to you will notice that you are a step ahead, while your extensions remain invisible and perfectly bonded with your hair.  Quality hair thickening for all styles is possible. A variety of colors and effects have been created for you by Great Lengths, the original.

Seek advice from your Leissa’s stylist! Make your consultation appointment today!

Your stylist will discuss with you your color choices, style, length and thickness to come up with look unique to you.