Tuesday 19 April 2016

Breakouts Got You Seeing Red?

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Breakouts Got You Seeing Red?

Breakouts Got You Seeing Red?

by Dr. Claudia Aguirre

Adolescent-grade acne breakouts may occur in even those not worrying about the high school dance. The onslaught occurs suddenly, especially during a particular time of the month, and can leave one with limited options but to ride out the storm. Acne is considered the most common skin condition in the U.S. and has no cure- but there are ways to control this bothersome condition.

For chronic or pervasive acne, we recommend the comprehensive medicated system MediBac Clearing™ to treat, clear and prevent adult acne while addressing the needs of adult skin. The solitary zit that crops up at the worst time is far more frequent, and is fortunately treatable. The improved formulation behind Dermalogica® Concealing Spot Treatment delivers the same efficient results of controlling breakouts with the added benefits of a new ingredient and convenient packaging.

Ingredient technology

Unlike many zit-zappers, Concealing Spot Treatment is multifunctional, with the needs of adult skin in mind. Far from a concealer, it is a targeted acne treatment powered by the active ingredient Sulfur that both heals and clears, while providing a natural tint ideal for daytime coverage. So if it was such an effective treatment, why the change? As we do research into the latest ingredient technology, we find ways to dramatically improve formulations, while maintaining the effectiveness of the product. This is one of those instances.

Adult skin is often a combination of skin conditions, characterized by sensitivity, signs of aging, and inflammation. Compounded with these conditions,

adult acne becomes a challenging and pervasive issue. An inflammatory eruption, much like a volcano eruption, leaves all sorts of devastation in its wake- red, broken, sensitive skin that may not heal properly. To complement the clearing and purifying properties of the formulation, we have added Carob Seed Extract (Ceratonia siliqua) to help the skin repair itself while in the treatment process. This botanical extract accelerates the recovery of stressed skin, eliminating redness and strengthening the barrier function. For a comprehensive treatment of breakouts, this improved formula eliminates bacteria, clears excess oil and accelerates the reconstruction of damaged

skin, thus minimizing scarring.


Unlike other acne treatments, this improved formula has the additional benefit of healing and protecting rather than drying out the surrounding skin, which

is reflected in the consistency of Concealing Spot Treatment. The improved formula is creamier for easier spreadability and will not cake upon contact.

Simply apply to blemish, let stand for five seconds and pat until blended to provide the skin with lasting acne-fighting and barrier-protecting ingredients

throughout the day. Housed in a new travel-friendly tube with needle nose tip, this medicated treatment will combat blemishes while enhancing the skin’s natural recovery process to minimize healing time and prevent future breakouts. So if you already love Concealing Spot Treatment, you’ll love it even more

with these added benefits.